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Company  ____________________________________________________________

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I, the undersigned, do hereby request copy(s) that are maintained by the Village of DeSoto, Illinois, which pertain to (be specific):  ______________________________________________________________





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Note:  Please be reminded all applicable fees must be prepaid.  Therefore, if you would like copies mailed to you, we will contact your about the total price of the copies, certification, postage, etc., prior to mailing in order that you may remit payment.  After receipt of payment, your copies will be mailed.  To avoid a delay in receiving your copies, it is recommended that you retrieve your copies at the DeSoto Village Hall once they become available.


If your request is denied, you may file an appeal to:  Public Access Appeal Officer, Illinois Attorney General, 100 West Randolph, 12th Floor, Chicago, IL  60601.



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Date request was received                        ___________________  By  _______________________

Records made available (Date)                 ______________________________________________

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DeSoto Community Farmer’s Market

P.O. Box 467, De Soto, IL 62924



Andrea Bullar , Supervisor



2017 Vendor Application


Farm/Business/Personal Name_____________________________________________________


Contact Person_________________________________________________________________


Primary Phone_____________________________Cell Phone___________________________




Mailing Address________________________________________________________________


City______________________________________________    State_____       Zip__________


Website Address, if applicable____________________________________________________


Please circle responses below:


Does your booth require electricity?   Yes   No      -if yes, you must provide a 50ft. extension cord.


Does your booth require water?   Yes   No             -if yes, you must provide a 50ft. heavy duty hose.


Do you have means to accept:       Credit cards       Debit Cards        


The DeSoto Community Farmer’s Market is open Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.   The market season starts May 2nd to October 31st.   Vendors are strongly encouraged to have a booth and/or tent.




Farmers, Ranchers, Food Producers, Prepared Food Vendors


(   ) Weekly Vendor   (Spots are not reserved until application is made.)


Table and/or tent to be provided by vendor.  Maximum size of booth space is 10’ x 10’.


Please enter desired market dates_________________________________________________________

The Village of DeSoto Supervisor will indicate where you are to set up.


Farmers that also produce crafts are welcome to sell those products at their booth and complete just one application








Describe insect and disease control practices.  (List products used.)


Describe weed control practices.  (List products used.)




Circle all of the methods used to increase soil fertility on your farm.


   Compost              synthetic fertilizers         organic sprays/powders         animal manure


   Cover crops        crop rotations                    mulching                                soil testing



Please list any certifications you hold.




Please list the produce you expect to sell this season:




Food Processors (baked goods, cured meats, jams, etc)


Food Processor production practices




List the major ingredients that go into your products.




Are you personally involved in the physical production of your products?     Yes     No


Do you make your products in a commercial, professionally inspected kitchen?   Yes   No

If no, please attach a copy of your cottage food certification and food handler’s certification.




Prepared Food Vendors


Prepared Food production practices


List the major ingredients that go into your products.

Are you personally involved in the physical production of your products?      Yes     No



Please provide a list of menu items:


Non-Food, Artisan, Craft Vendors


(  ) Weekly Vendor -- Spaces are designated on a first-come, first –served basis and are at the Village of DeSoto Supervisor’s discretion to meet market standards. 


Table and/or tent to be provided by vendor.   Maximum size of booth space is 10’ x 10’.


Please enter desired market date(s):_____________________________________________________



Please attach a photo of your work, or email a photo of your work to our market email address, with your name in the subject line.


Village of De Soto

DeSoto Community Farmer’s Market

P.O. Box 467

DeSoto, IL 62924



Andrea Bullar, Supervisor



Please review the market rules.  If you have any questions, contact the Village of DeSoto 618-867-2315 or Andrea Bullar @ 618-525-2882. 


For all vendors:


I agree to follow all market rules and I understand that this application relates only to the products listed herein and that any further products or equipment will require the approval of the Village of DeSoto.  I certify that the above are produced in accordance with all county, state, and federal laws and waive any liability from the Village of DeSoto from injury.



Signature of applicant_____________________________________Date________________



Don’t forget to attach:


  • A copy of your certificate of insurance and/or signed indemnification clause
  • A copy of any certifications, licenses, permits, etc. related to your market booth
  • Artists should also attach (or email) at least on photo of their work














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