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Coming September 22 - 24, 2017

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During the past 15 years, as we have held each DeSoto Daze Festival, we have honored senior citizens who, each in his or her own way, contributed to the improvement of DeSoto.  Who have unselfishly devoted their time and efforts through community service.

As a lifetime citizen of DeSoto of a certian age, I remember when we did not have a park, ball diamond, park bench, fire department, little league, or Lion's Club.  I even remember the First DeSoto Homecoming held on the town hall lawn.

I remember each of the DeSoto Daze Senior Citizens and their dedication to the betterment of DeSoto.  I consider them our heroes.  They each had visions for our community and the determination to make those visions a reality.  Many of our community assests have been results

of, in the words of the late Louise Wolfe, "blood, sweat, and fried chicken."

Today, the Village of DeSoto and the DeSoto Daze Committee would like to dedicate each of these 15 oak trees in honor of our DeSoto Daze senior citizens from 2001-2015, and of their love for and belief in our community.

We have completed three of the tree memorials and expect to compete the remainder over the next few weeks.

As we walk this trail, may the plaques and oak trees here always remind us of the effectiveness of dedicated, hardworking people.  In this way, the commitment of these citizens will be remembered and will hopefull serve as an inspiration to us all.

DeSoto Daze Senior Citizens 2001-2015.  We thank you!


2001 - Frank and Ramona Crow

2002 - Bill and Margaret Breeden

2003 - Howard and Thelma Blumenstock

2004 - Tom and Betty Jannings

2005 - Ralph Dale Carter

2006 - Carl and Lois Stein

2007 - Lawrence and Janet Dietz

2008 - Calvin and Shirley White

2009 - Stan and Bonnie Copeland

2010 - Kenneth and Janet Fassel

2011 - Ralph and Doris Snider

2012 - George "Jaybird" and Mary Ann Snider

2013 - Nancy Ebershohl

2014 - Tom and Gail Shackleton

2015 - Jesse Crow




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